Piezoelectric Microgripper

PhiDrive offers the GRI-PHI piezoelectric grippers in three different variants, each of which is capable of handling samples of different sizes.

GRI-PHI A is capable of gripping samples up to 30 microns and is offered in a monolithic version to guarantee gripping precision.

GRI-PHI B is suitable for samples of the order of a millimeter and is offered in a monolithic version or with interchangeable jaws.

GRI-PHI C is a gripper for samples with dimensions larger than a millimeter, equipped with interchangeable jaws that can be customized according to needs.

All three versions are available with symmetrical jaws suitable for vertical gripping or asymmetrical jaws suitable for horizontal gripping.

GriPhi Configurator

Select the desired option to obtain the resulting product code:

Sample size Rest config. Effect Parallelism Modularity Jaw shape GriPhi code