Phi Drive’s driver for rotary and linear tables

Phi Drive developed PHI-SS, a single device to drive the main rotary and linear tables sold by the company. Such a solution is compact and easy-to-use; therefore, it can be connected to all of the compatible tables with no need for hardware adjustments.

The device grants not only open-loop actuation, but also closed-loop actuation thanks to a port which makes it possible to read data coming from encoders.

The user interface on a PC allows for a practical management of the system and provides several options to move rotary and linear tables by Phi Drive.

There exist two different versions of the PHI-SS device: Driver and Amplifier. While the former generates the control signal internally, the latter includes a BNC connector to amplify an external control signal. PHI-SS is compatible with the entire PHI-SS family of actuators: PHI-SS-MI, PHI-SS-ME, PHI-SS-MA, PHI-SS-LI.

PHI-SS Configurator

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