Technological solutions of the future

In November 2023 Phidrive brought together two large groups on the Italian technological scene: Comestero Sistemi and Balance Systems. This partnership has strengthened Phidrive’s design, production and marketing capabilities, leading it to become the reference for:

  • micromanipulation
  • dynamic analysis
  • control of structures and mechanisms.


Since 1976 Comestero Sistemi is specialized in the production of systems and components for the electromechanical and electronics industry. The headquarters are located in Vimercate, at 30 km north-east of Milan. Over an area of 7000sqm develop: an office building of 1000 sqm, warehouse and logistics 2500sqm with an annex of 500sqm devoted to technical office and laboratory, quality control and research and development of new products. The wide range of products offered includes:

  • Fans and Motors (Axial Fans AC/DC, Blower, Radial, Big size, Motors, Fans IP54, Shaded Pole Motor)
  • Filters (Inlet and outlet filters, home house appliances filters, box and three-phase filters and customized)
  • Power Supply (IEC320 connectors, plugs and outlets, adapters, plugs Industrial Circuit breakers differentials)
  • Switches (Switches and buttons diam. 16, toggle switches, rocker and waterproof switches, Microswitches, Antivandal pushbuttons) safety switches
  • Protections (thermal protection, Thermalcutoff, Cylindrical and PCB fuses, Magneto-hydraulic and magneto-thermal


Balance Systems, born in 1975, is located in Pessano con Bornago, Milan, Italy. The headquarters, including production areas, management and sales offices, includes our facility which is 108,000 square feet. It is one of the main leaders in this arena, capable of managing the entire product life cycle: from planning, to designing, from production to sales and after-sales service.

Balance Systems creates cutting-edge technological solutions for different types of products that distinguish the production offer:

  • Manual, semi-automatic, automatic and customized balancing machines
  • Process control systems for machine tools
  • Grinding machines
  • Process monitoring systems for spindle and machine tool diagnostics

Balance Systems guarantees, in addition to the design and production of balancing machines and process control and monitoring systems for machine tools, a series of products and services in the most varied sectors thanks to its associated companies which allows us to ensure full customer satisfaction.