Top performance projects

Phi Drive, in its strive to bring innovation to its processes, has implemented an approach for the optimization of mechanical systems, applying cutting-edge design techniques to its own products and to clients’ projects.

The last decades have witnessed an accentuated technological progress, with the rise of more advanced products within different markets. This progress has implied a significant increase in the complexity, and therefore a challenge for the different engineering areas devoted to the development of new technologies: conventional design techniques have then become more limited.

In order to cope with the increasing complexity, the techniques used for the design of engineering systems have evolved towards an increased computer-aided tendency, where the calculation power of computers and the reasoning capabilities of engineers melt for obtaining best performing systems.

Structural optimization exploits the computational capabilities to automate the numerical calculation of a mechanical system’s performance, such that the best solution can be obtained depending on the application.

A project can be optimized depending on the specific requests posed on the system under analysis. For example, a mechanism stroke can be maximized by verifying the constraint on the resistance, or the best compromise between compliance and weight of a structure can be obtained.

Whichever the request, it is translated by Phi Drive into a mathematical formulation solved with the use of the most advanced calculus and simulation techniques.

In Phi Drive, we believe that computational power and automatic calculation are not everything. We are convinced that the most advanced techniques cannot add value if they are not accompanied by the judgement capability and thinking of the engineer which applies them. For this reason, Phi Drive has specialized throughout the years in mechanical systems’ modeling based on FEM, CFD or lumped parameter. Phi Drive’s modeling expertise allows to build well posed and robust models suitable for automated calculation.

Phi Drive puts to its clients’ disposal the structural optimization approach both for research and development projects and for the study of performances of their own products.