Microactuation and nanorobotics are hot topics for industrial innovation. Smart materials, such as piezoelectric ceramics, shape memory alloys and magnetostrictive alloys, are rapidly becoming part of today’s technological panorama, allowing to design actuation systems with smaller sizes, so much so that we have come to talk about Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems. But much of their potential is yet to be implemented!

The CNR-SPIN, together with the Universities of Genoa and Osaka, is organizing a workshop on microactuators in the city of Genoa, at the University’s Physics Department headquarters. The aim of this event, which is part of the Italian-Japanese project “Solid State Actuators for Micro / Nanorobotics”, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is sharing the experience of public institutions and private companies in the field of micro-implementation and related materials.

Phi Drive was invited to contribute to nano-positioning techniques based on piezo technology. Our engineers will be asked to stimulate the debate on the impact that piezoceramics can give to precision positioning.

If you do not want to miss the opportunity to participate in this workshop, you can contact the organizers at this e-mail address: