Since its foundation in 1976, Comestero Sistemo S.p.a has evolved by transforming itself from distributor of electro-mechanic components to a company articulated into different divisions and business specialization areas, arriving today as a compact and dynamic group. Formed by 5 companies among which PhiDrive, a young startup hive of patents.

The last investment consisted in the development of PhiDrive in 2013. Though, Comestero’s story is a road filled with constant growth and development, characterized year after year by the birth of new company areas and business specializations. Today the group, with headquarters at Vimercate (Monza Brianza) is constituted by 5 companies and is characterized by a strong tendency to innovate, aiming at the high level of engineering consultancy services it is capable to give, thanks to a consolidated engineering know how in the production of components for the electronic and electro-mechanic industry.

With Stefano Seghezzi, Production Manager and R&D c/o Comestero Sistemi S.p.a. and Project Business Manager c/o PhiDrive and Pentagroup S.r.l we have examined wich are the particularities and strategies of PhiDrive:

“we want to offer the clients not only products, but innovation in the field of movement. PhiDrive is a startup focused on research, development and mechanic/mechatronics design. We have different research projects going with the CNR and form a consultancy support on a series of arguments as static and dynamic static analysis of components, mechanisms, multimaterial structures and bi-stable systems”

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