Phi Drive custom projects are the result of a process that combines high technology and innovation to capture market opportunities. Our team of engineers, researchers, and designers takes advantage of its solid experience in the field of mechanics/mechatronics to give its projects the characteristics of excellence that distinguish Phi Drive. Furthermore, our skills are strengthened by years of collaboration with the Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation of the Italian National Research Council (ITIA-CNR).

A series of advanced numerical and experimental tools, accompanied by the vast technical knowledge of our staff, are the ideal means to guide the design of the product up to the achievement of the ideal goal in terms of costs, performance and reliability.

Our experience also extends to the field of fluid dynamics, where our partnership with Comestero Sistemi group grants the quality of the result thanks to the proven effectiveness of its solutions.

The success of our design method is crowned by numerous patents, and the continuous search for innovation allows us to be constantly at the forefront in the field of mechanical systems with high precision and efficiency. The European Union has decided to reward out talent by offering its partnership for the development of a range of actuators for space applications, where extreme environmental conditions push the skills of our engineers to the maximum, and offer an unparalleled impact on our industrial experience.

We are focused on the development of customized solutions, following the client from the product conception, to the feasibility study, up to the improvement of the performances and the industrialization. So Phi Drive can quickly offer a unique and original solution to meet the customer’s needs.


  • Experience in the Space field
  • High knowledge of mechanical applications
  • Top-of-the-line design tools