Linear Nano-Positioning Piezo Stage

Phi Drive has developed a range of nanometric positioning piezo stages for the industrial, research and metrology market areas where small and very small displacements are necessary. Achieving nanometric or sub-nanometric displacement is not easy, and this systems are often very sensitive to external noise. Stages from the COR-PS product range have been conceived to be robust to sources of noise thanks to:

  • A hybrid layout with high inertia in steel and ergal, giving stability to mechanical vibrations;
  • Electronics specially designed to minimize noise and increase robustness to external disturbances

All COR-PS stages are based on piezoelectric actuation and displacement amplifying flexure mechanisms. Specific care is put by Phi Drive in determining the linearity error, it can be refined on customers’ request by choosing the calibration process. During calibration, COR-PS displacement is compared with a reference measurement instrument, such that a geometric correction matrix is defined over the entire travel of the stage. The more points are used for calibration, the more the linearity error will be reduced.

COR-PS Configurator

Select the desired option to obtain the resulting product code:

Resolution Sensor Travel range High Vacuum COR-PS Code