High precision rotary positioners

Maximum angular precision

Phidrive Products

High precision with green soul

Piezoelectric and electromagnetic grippers

Product Action Gripper stroke [μm] Gripping force [N]
GRIPHI GRIPHI Piezoelectric 400-700 or more 1-4


Product Action DOF Resolution [nRad]
PHI-W Piezoelectric ROTX,ROTY,ROTZ

High precision rotary actuators

Product Action Torque [Nm] Speed [rpm]
PHI-SS-TS PHI-SS-TS Piezoelectric xxxx xxxx
PHI-SS-MI PHI-SS-MI Piezoelectric 0.01-0.05 5-20
PHI-SS-ME PHI-SS-ME Piezoelectric 0.1-0.2 1.0-2.0
PHI-SS-MA PHI-SS-MA Piezoelectric 0.4-1.3 0-1.3

Space actuators

Product Action Torque [Nm] Speed [rpm]
AG-HT AG-HT Piezoelectric 3-20 0-0.1
Gimbal Gimbal Piezoelectric 1 80

Nanometric linear stages

Product Action Travel [μm] Resolution [nm]
COR-PS COR-PS Piezoelectric 10-300 o oltre 15-0.2

Linear actuators

Product Action Stroke [μm] Resolution [nm]
PHI-SS-LI PHI-SS-LI Piezoelettrico 10000-50000 50

High precision rotary positioners

Product Action Travel [°] Resolution [μrad]
COR-RS COR-RS Piezoelectric 360 60-700
COR-R COR-R Piezoelectric up to 360 2-18


Product Application Diameter Features
PHI-PKMM Precision kinematic Mirror Mounts 0.5′-1′ ±2.8° angular adjustment
Planar spring Planar spring Bearings preload 8-17 [mm] 0.8-1[mm] thickness


Product Drives Interfaces Variants
GRIPHI DRIVER GRIPHI DRIVER GriPhi A, B, C USB, expansion port Basic | Standalone | Minimal
PHI-SS PHI-SS (PHI) > SS-MI | SS-ME | SS-MA | SS-LI USB, expansion port Driver | Amplifier