PHI-SS-MI – Micro Rotary Positioner

Phi-Micro posizionatore rotativoSectors such as semiconductor production, microscopy, biotechnology, medical engineering and industrial automation require high resolution and repeatability positioning systems in the order of nanometer and/or nanoradiant range. Requirements of short response times that only piezoelectric technology can guarantee are added. The high precision in positioning has therefore become basically a fundamental request in every field.

However, reaching nanometric and sub-nanometric steps is not easy. For this reason, all Phi Drive products are equipped with specially developed electronics to limit electronic noise.

Phi Drive products are equipped with piezoelectric technology and flexure-type mechanisms. High performance and high level of customization are the result of the union of these technologies.

Phi Drive also provides PHI-SS, an electronic solution to control PHI-SS-MI.

Main characteristics of the micro rotary table PHI-SS-MI

  • +/- 360° full travel range
  • High angular resolution
  • High level of customization: performance and encumbrance
  • Closed-loop control
  • High vacuum working capabilities
  • Full immersion working capabilities
  • Multi axis solutions
  • No runout
  • No backslash

Discover the main features of PHI-SS-MI rotary table:

PHI-SS-MI – Micro Rotary Positioner


  • Micro-optics manipulation;
  • Positioning of components;
  • High precision assembly and regulation;
  • Manipulation of biological samples;
  • High dynamic applications.


  • Step from 100 to 500 μrad;
  • Speed up to 13 rpm;
  • Maximun load up to 0.5 kg;
  • High Vacuum compatibility;
  • Custom electronic available.