PHI-SS-LI – Linear Micro-Positioning Piezo Stage

Phi Drive has developed a micrometric positioning piezo stage which is excellent for precision mechanical machining, optics and research.

The piezoelectric principle it is based on grants a high positioning precision with no need for lubrication. Despite the small size, PHI-SS-LI makes it possible to reach a high load/weight ratio. Multiple tables can be assembled together, thus providing a higher operational flexibility.

One can choose between a V and an S rail; while the former provides higher precision in the direction orthogonal to the direction of movement, the latter allows for the withstanding of higher loads.

Phi Drive also provides PHI-SS, an electronic solution to control PHI-SS-LI.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Micrometric resolution: 0.05 µm
  • 10 mm travel range, up to 50 mm on request
  • Very high maximum load: 500 g (v rail), 2500 g (s rail)
  • Dynamic range: from 0 to 4000 Hz
  • High vacuum option

CSP – Custom Solution Positioning

Phi Drive supports the customer on the choice of the best solution, with the possibility of customizing any specification:

  • travel range;
  • multi-axis solutions;
  • resolution;
  • encumbrance;
  • flanges to fix the stage;
  • flanges for mounting the load.


  • Customizable travel range: 10 to 50 mm
  • High precision
  • No backlash
  • No friction or lubricant
  • Open loop option available
  • High load capability
  • High dynamic range
  • Sub-micrometric resolution