GRI-PHI A, B, C – Piezoelectric Microgripper

Phi Drive presents the Gri-Phi piezoelectric microgrippers  to mount, assemble and manipulate increasingly small objects.

Manipulating, assembling, and mounting small objects is a job for professionals.

Gri-Phi features three different models; all of them are able to manipulate samples of different sizes.

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Types of Gri-Phi microgrippers

Gri-Phi microgrippers are available in a variety of models, depending on their morphological and functional features. There exist 8 versions; each of them is identified by a combination of parameters:

  • stand-by configuration, when power supply is not provided to the grippers (normally open/normally closed);
  • effect (single effect/double effect), whether or not one of the two gripper jaws is stationary and, therefore, whether or not it can be assumed as a position reference;
  • parallelism of the gripper jaws, meaning if the gripper jaws stay parallel during the entire opening/closure process.

The specific version, corresponding to a combination of these three features, is identified by a lower case character as shown in the following diagram.

Grippers diagram

Versions j and k correspond to the standard products and are available in the A, B, and C sizes, as described in the following paragraph. All the other versions are available, upon request, as custom products.

Sample sizes

Depending on the specific size of the samples to handle, one can choose the best Gri-Phi product from the Phi Drive collection. Our list of piezoelectric and electromagnetic microgrippers includes products able to handle samples whose size is higher than 20 μm.

Sample sizes

Depending on the size of the samples to handle, grippers are identified by an upper case character:

  • A grippers cover samples between 20 μm (0.02 mm) and 200 μm (0.2 mm);
  • B grippers cover samples between 200 μm (0.2 mm) and 1000 μm (1 mm);
  • C grippers cover samples between 1000 μm (1 mm) and 3000 μm (3 mm);
  • higher sizes are covered by S (magnetic) grippers and by custom piezoelectric grippers.

Gripper jaws replaceability

Microgrippers can be:

  • monolithic, M, with irreplaceable gripper jaws;
  • interchangeable, I, witch replaceable gripper jaws.

A grippers include only the monolithic solution, while B and C grippers allow both the M and the I configurations.

Gripper jaws

Gripper jaws are classified into four different categories.

  • Type 0 includes custom gripper jaws. They are available for B and C grippers;
  • type 1 includes monolithic gripper jaws which are available for A, B, and C grippers;
  • type 2 includes interchangeable gripper jaws which are available for B grippers;
  • type 3 includes interchangeable gripper jaws which are available for C grippers.

Gripper jaws

Type 1 standard dimensions

Type 1 standard dimensions
a: 0.5 mm; b: 0.6 mm; c: 1 mm

Product code

Given the previous classification of the Gri-Phi microgrippers, the product code is made as follows:


α represents the required sample size (A, B, C);

β represents the type of gripper (h, x, q, y, z, j, w, k);

γ represents the replaceability of the gripper jaws (M, I).

Grippers control

The Gri-Phi grippers can be controlled by means of Phi Drive’s electronics.


Gri-Phi Type A
Gri-Phi Type B
Gri-Phi Type C

Main features of the piezoelectric microgrippers

  • Gripper stroke up to 0.70 mm
  • Clamping force up to 4 N
  • Adjustable gripper opening
  • Gripper shape on customer request
  • Closed-loop version available
  • High vacuum option
  • Custom electronics available

GRI-PHI: the piezoelectric microgrippers


  • Micro optics manipulation;
  • Fiber optics connection;
  • Fiber bundle positioning;
  • Precision mounting and adjusting;
  • Biological sample manipulation;
  • High dynamic applications.


  • Gripper stroke: up to 70 mm;
  • Clamping force: up to 4 N;
  • Dimensions: 54 x 22 x 7 mm;
  • Gripper opening adjustable by grub screw;
  • Gripper shape on customer request;
  • High Vacuum Version;
  • Position sensor available.