GRI-PHI ELECTRONICS – Gri-Phi grippers control

Phi Drive presents some practical solutions to control the Gri-Phi A, B, C piezoelectric microgrippers.

OEM solution

The OEM solution allows the signal amplification needed to actuate the Gri-Phi microgrippers when the control signal is from an external source. Regardless of the source, an appropriate input voltage to the OEM module is enough to obtain, as an output, the right voltage to actuate the Gri-Phi grippers.


OEM Solution

Gri-Phi Driver

Gri-Phi Driver is the device by Phi Drive which merges the amplification feature of the OEM solution with the generation of a control signal for grippers. This is Phi Drive’s stand-alone solution, which does not require the addition of further devices to control grippers.

Gri-Phi Driver


Gri-Phi Driver

GRI-PHI DRIVER: the complete driver for piezoelectric microgrippers