COR-RS – High Precision Rotary Positioner

The high precision in positioning is nowadays a requirement of fundamental importance in many industrial sectors: from semiconductor production, to microscopy, from biotechnology, to medical engineering and industrial automation. All these fields have one thing in common: they require positioning systems with high resolution and repeatability in the order of nanometers and / or nanoradians. In addition, requirements of short response times that only piezoelectric technology can guarantee.

Reaching nanometric and sub-nanometric shifts is not easy and is often limited by the presence of external disturbances. For this reason, the rotary tables of Phi Drive are equipped with specially developed electronics to limit the noise and therefore increase its robustness.

All products of the COR-RS line incorporate piezoelectric technology and flexure-type mechanisms; only the combination of these technologies makes it possible to achieve high performance with the advantage of a high level of customization.

Main features of COR-RS rotary table

  • +/- 360° rotation
  • High angular resolution
  • Customization: performance and dimensions
  • Closed-loop control
  • High Vacuum layout available
  • Working in liquid environments
  • Modular solution for multi-axis systems

Discover the main features of the COR-RS rotary table::

COR-RS – High Rotary Positioner


  • Micro-optics manipulation;
  • Positioning of components;
  • High precision assembly and regulation;
  • Manipulation of biological samples;
  • High dynamic applications.


  • Step range of 60 – 700 μrad;
  • Maximum load up to 5 kg;
  • Customizable;
  • High Vacuum option;
  • Encoder can be integrated.

COR-RS coding: choose the configuration that best suits your applications

Choose from the following options to create your code:


COR-RS differs in three product categories, based on the type of mechanism with which it is implemented:

  • SS =stick-slip motor with full rotation of 360°;
  • FSflexure systems only;
  • CS = stick-slip motor with flexure mechanism.

Different table-encoder configurations are available, based on the customer’s needs and the type of table chosen:

  • E0 = no encoder;
  • EA = Phi Drive property encoder both on stick-slip and flexure mechanism;
  • EB = Phi Drive property encoder only on stick-slip motor;
  • EC = Phi Drive property encoder only onflexure mechanism;
  • EM = Encoder on market.

The rotary tables of the COR-RS series are able to achieve different performances in terms of resolution.

  • 1 = High resolution (*)
  • 2 = Lower resolution (*)

(*) To find out the maximum resolution of the device, consult the corresponding brochure.

The COR-RS rotary positioner can be designed to operate in high vacuum conditions, in line with the latest generation of Phi Drive products.