AG-PNE – Air Power

AG-PNE is a high precision pneumatic positioning device.

Pneumatic chambers deform the rotor and allow it to rotate. Such deformation can be imagined as a propagating wave.

The step angle is customizable according to requirements, covering a range from the degree up to the hundredth of degree.

The through hole allow the cables to easly reach and power devices located inside the actuator.

Suitable for the automation industry, this actuator is available in different versions, according to encumbrance and characteristics required: Standard and Micro. 

AG-PNE ultra slim version


  • High precision pneumatic positioning device
  • Full 360° control
  • Innovative design
  • High precision positioning
  • Compact and innovative design, scalable to small dimensions
  • No electro-magnetic interferences
  • No backlash during motion inversion
  • Stationary if unpowered
  • Easy installation
  • No gears
  • No lubricants

General characteristics

Body: Steel; Aluminium
Rotating table: Steel
Gasket: NBR Rubber
Axial Stiffness: 100 [N/µm] | Fmax 10000 [N]
Radial Stiffness: 100 [N/µm] | Fmax 10000 [N]
Speed: 0-20 [rpm]
Torque: 0-8 [Nm]

Control scheme

CUSTOMIZE AG-PNE : Dimension | Material | Performance Type

Follow this 4 steps to create your requested code:

External Diameter  Ø e  [mm] Internal Diameter  Ø i  [mm] Height [mm]
A 120 36 75
B 160 46
C 200 56
(ultra slim version)
60 30 18
ST Steel 5 kg
AL Aluminum 1-2 Kg
Type Q Tipe Y Type Z
Pressure [Bar] 5.5
Ring thickness [mm] 3.2 3.1 3.0
Max Torque [Nm] 8 7 6
Torque Motor switch Off [Nm] 20 17 14
Accuracy +/- 50’’ +/- 50’’ +/- 50’’


  1. Customized valve connecting cables
  2. Encoder on the rotating table
  3. Driver


CSP – Custom Solution Positioning

By changing the rotor dimensions it is possible to cover a large range of performances. The use of FEM-based simulation integrated with design optimization techniques allows Phi Drive to achieve an optimal dimensioning based on the requested specifications.

AG-PNE deformable rotor

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