AG HT – The Performance of Micron

By virtue of our last patent, Phi Drive has presented the first evolution in terms of performance of a piezoelectric motor. Keeping the essential actuator characteristics unchanged, AG HT provides an outstanding increase in terms of torque.

Its characteristics of compactness and high specific torque make AG HT suitable for military and aerospace applications and not only. The specific HTS version has been conceived and designed to operate in a high vacuum and is tested for space applications.

This design is particularly suitable for customization.

General Characteristics

Body: Steel, Inconel/ Steel, Tungsten carbide
Rotating Table: Steel
Gasket: NBR Rubber or absent
Axial Stiffness: 100 [N/µm] | Fmax 10000 [N]
Radial Stiffness: 100 [N/µm] | Fmax 10000 [N]
Speed: 0-0.1 [rpm]
Torque: 3-20 [Nm]
Pitch: 100 [µrad]  * Step indexed variable according to the needs of the angular velocity * 1 Variable speed by type of pitch and ring size


  • High precision piezoelectric actuator
  • Full 360° control
  • Minimized and innovative design
  • Modular
  • High precision positioning
  • Compact
  • No electro-magnetic interferences
  • No backlash during motion inversion
  • Stationary if unpowered
  • Easy installation
  • No gears
  • No lubricants
  • Stackable for achievement of increased torque
  • Simple and reliable mechanics

CSP – Custom Solution Positioning

By changing the dimensions of the rotor and piezoelectric element it is possible to cover a large range of performances. The use of FEM-based simulation integrated with design optimization techniques allows Phi Drive to achieve an optimal dimensioning based on the requested specifications.

Gallery AG HTS

AG-HTS Dimensions

AG-HT Standard Version