8 Drive – High angular precision

Piezoelectric materials have revolutionized the world of high precision positioning and motion control. Phi Drive has used these materials to create actuators that are able to generate a controlled deformation of the rotor.

Actuators made by Phi Drive have based their operation on some important principles: sub-nano metric elongation, high frequencies and force characteristics. Design flexibility lets Phi Drive to satisfy the customer requests without sacrificing performances.

8 Drive is a patented actuator, its characteristics allow the achievement of high positioning accuracy, in the order of nano-radiants. A complex concept inside a simple mechanics makes 8 Drive suitable for metrology and micro-positioning applications, where temperature has to remain constant during all the working.

8 Drive can be used as motor/sensor, and is able to manage the positioning by electronic.

Leaf spring and slider


  • High precision actuator
  • Full 360° control
  • High precision positioning [nrad]
  • Compact
  • No temperature increase
  • No electro-magnetic interferences
  • No backlash during motion inversion
  • Stationary if unpowered
  • Easy installation
  • No gears
  • No lubricants
  • Simple and reliable mechanics

General Characteristics

Body: Steel

Control Scheme

Rotating table: Steel
Axial Stiffness: 100 [N/µm] | Fmax 10000 [N]
Radial Stiffness: 100 [N/µm] | Fmax 10000 [N]
Speed: 0-8 [rpm]
Torque: 0.1-1.0 [Nm]
Pitch 1-100 [µrad]  * Step indexed variable according to the needs of the angular velocity       * 1 Variable speed by type of pitch and ring size

Customize 8 Drive: Dimension | Material

Follow these 3 steps to create your requested code:

External Diameter  Ø e  [mm] Internal Diameter  Ø i  [mm] Height [mm]
A 70 35 30
ST Steel 0,3 kg


  1. Custom linkage cables
  2. Encoder on the rotating table
  3. Driver


CSP – Custom Solution Positioning

By changing the rotor dimensions it is possible to cover a large range of performances. The use of FEM-based simulation integrated with design optimization techniques allows Phi Drive to achieve an optimal dimensioning based on the requested specifications.

8 Drive Piezo Actuator