PHI-SS Wrist – Enhancing precision of robotic arms

The PHI-SS Wrist is a product which combines three different piezoelectric devices by Phi Drive: The PHI-SS-ME rotary table, the PHI-SS-GP tilting stage and the GriPhi microgripper. Both the rotary table and the tilting stage are equipped with encoders to grant closed-loop control. This system can be easily mounted on commercial robotic arms, thus granting a significant increment of precision when manipulating objects with small sizes.

Phi Drive also provides PHI-SS, an electronic solution to control PHI-SS-ME and PHI-SS-GP; such a system makes it possible to comfortably get precision closed-loop positioning via PC interface. In addition, Phi Drive provides GriPhi Driver, a driver specifically developed to control the GriPhi microgrippers.