From 19th to 22nd September 2022 the WCMNM 2022 (5th World Congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing) was held in a Leuven, Belgium. During the event, an article written by Francesco Modica, Vito Basile and Irene Fassi from CNR (National Research Council) was presented. The article discusses the usage of a system with 5-degrees of freedom with the aim of performing EDM duties. Among the components, there was a high-precision table with 2 degrees of freedom, the PHI-SS-MA table by Phi Drive, in dual rotary configuration.

The article shows that the rotational components obtained by adding di PHI-SS-MA to a 3-DOFs system can improve the result of the machining process.

Read the article here or contact us to know more.
PHI-SS-MA at the CNR laboratories