Premio Dei PremiIn such a highly competitive market it is not easy to create a reality that is able to give concrete answers to the most varied problems arising from it. The knowledge of the product and the sector, supported by scientific analysis and by a motivated technological team, allows to Comestero Sistemi Group to always find the right solution and generate tangible added value.


The consulting between engineering team of the Comestero Sistemi Group is fundamental in the study of the solutions to be made; Group synergy is what made Comestero Sistemi Group a winning reality in every aspect.

“We study devices, we design and develop them, using FEM techniques and availing ourselves of optimization software we have created” (Cau N.)

[…] When we interface ourselves with reality and we must study the machine in its whole, several of optimization software commonly marketed prove to be incomplete; the one in-house developed by Phi Drive team has demonstrated on the field that, also on well-designed consolidated machines, performance improvement probabilities rise by a percentage ranging from 10 to 20% […]

From tradition to innovation

It is only after having consolidated one’s knowledge in a particular sector that it is possible to bet on innovation. Always active in the sector of electromechanical actuators, Comestero Sistemi Group has decided to invest in the development of actuators for micromanipulation.

[…] Design of customized solutions with support of FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis is the future. […]