A piezoelectric solution for the manipulation of small components

Phi Drive is a leading company in developing piezoelectric migrogrippers for the manipulation of small components. Micromanipulation is crucial in precision mechanics, electronics, in manipulating and assembling fiber optics and in several other high-tech sectors.

Piezoelectric actuation grants high precision with good levels of gripping force, still maintaining a small size.

The GriPhi grippers

Thanks to the GriPhi line, Phi Drive standardized its concept in a series of grippers specialized for samples of different sizes.

The GriPhi line currently grants manipulation of objects whose size spans from 20 µm in the A model to 5 mm in the C model.

  • Type A (leftmost picture): monolithic jaws, samples from 20 µm to 200 µm;
  • type B (picture in the middle): monolithic or interchangeable jaws, samples from 200 µm to 1 mm;
  • type C (rightmost picture): monolithic or interchangeable jaws, samples from 1 mm to 5 mm.

Both in the versions with monolithic and interchangeable jaws the strong point of GriPhi is the possibility of customizing jaws.

Basing on the sample to manipulation and the interaction desired with it, one can choose among many kinds of jaws.

The material they are made of, the dimensions of the tips, optimization for vertical or horizontal usage of the gripper are all parameters which can be discussed with Phi Drive when placing an order.

The GriPhi package

Phi Drive provides the GriPhi grippers in a complete package which also includes the driver to control them, GriPhi Driver, and the corresponding software to open a comfortable PC interface, thus making this technology ready to use. GriPhi and GriPhi Driver are available also on Comestero Shop.

If you are interested in testing this technology or you want to know more about it: