Computational Fluid Dynamics Consultancy

The new fronteer of fluid dynamcs begins right on the monitors of our PCs. Phi Drive now offers its experience on the field of industrial computational fluid dynamics to its clients.

CFD, or Computational Fluid Dynamic, became in time an affordable and cheap alternative to experimental development in all systems interacting with air, water and other industrial working fluids. The application of this branch of FEM analysis will amplify the horizions of your project methods like nothing before.

Phi Drive refined its technique of fluid dynamic calculus thanks to its partnership with Comestero, leader in ventilation systems, then applying it to other fields like refrigeration, vending machines e rotary components.

Our consultancy services in the field of CFD will allow your company to study and optimize the performances of your products. Phi Drive will follow you from the feasibility evaluation up to the design of single components.

Discover our CFD consultancy services

Since Navier & Stokes defined, at the beginning of the 19th Century, the equations describing fluid behaviors, no one managed to find a reliable solution, and until now they remain the biggest unsolved problem of classic physics. For more than two centuries the only instrument at our disposal for the design of complex fluid systems were experience, often betrayed by counter-intuitive phenomena like turbolence, and vexing and often non-definitive experimental campaign.

After years of development of elaborated numerical algorithms and simplifications of the original Navier-Stokes equations, the modern and powerful computers of our time finally allow us to solve even the most complex systems with “few clicks”.

Obviously a fine-tuned software or a powerful computer are not enough to produce good results. What is really needed is the engineer’s knowledge and experience in defining the physics to solve, simplifying geometries, set up the equations and interpret the results.

The human element, much more than the software, makes the difference between a low tier CFD and a useful result for the design of your machine.

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