The mechanics-specialized magazine Organi di Trasmissione presents our grippers

The Organi di Trasmissione magazine, which is specialized in mechanics, recently published an article about the Gri-Phi microgrippers by Phi Drive. Organi di Trasmissione is a magazine distributed by the portal, a consolidated reference point in supplying information regarding cutting-edge mechanical technologies.

Le micropinze Gri-Phi

The article highlights the ability of Gri-Phi of manipulating very small objects, down to the size of “a quarter of the diameter of a hair”.

Moreover, it described the fields of application of di Gri-Phi, which range from optics to metrology, and then presents the variety of grippers suggested basing on jaws replaceability, sample size and other parameters.

It also mentions the excellent performances of Gri-Phi in terms of dynamics and gripping force.

Finally, it includes a brief description of Phi Drive, of its sectors and its history.