Extreme precision in a compact design

Micro positioning systemsPhi Drive is glad to show its last product: PHI-MICRO, the piezoelectric micro precision rotary positioner.

Micro positioning systems have acquired great importance in recent years. Particularly demanding industrial sectors, such as the semiconductor industry and the biomedical industry, have long used these devices to guarantee their devices the highest level of precision, while maintaining a compact design.

The stick-slip operating principle guarantees extreme compactness, but at the same time high performance.

PHI-MICRO in motion

The newly born was immediately tested in our laboratories and subjected to load tests in order to evaluate its performance.

Immediately this small device showed its capabilities, managing to move up to 500 g. The compact size, highlighted by the coin next to it, make this device suitable for all those applications that require reduced overall dimensions.

PHI-MICRO main technical features

dettaglio Phi-MicroPHI-MICRO is positioned in the market of high-precision devices, responding to the ever-increasing demand for high-performance devices with reduced dimensions. Among its peculiar characteristics we highlight:

  • Compactness;
  • High performance;
  • High load/dimension ratio;
  • High Vaccum operating conditions;
  • High precision in positioning;
  • Minimum step in nanoradian range [nrad];
  • No runout;
  • No backslash.

For this micro device tests are not yet finished. So do not miss the updates on the next tests in our lab!