The magazine describes our rotary precision drives

Transmission components, specialized in mechanics, described Phi Drive’s precision rotary actuators in an article on the magazine.

After a brief description of Phi Drive’s sectors and history, the article lists the pros of piezoelectric actuation.

In addition to excellent mechanical performances, piezoelectric actuators allow for customization and flexibility.

The article highlights the efficiency of flexure mechanisms, which provide good precision with no significant loss of performance.

Whether high torque or very small rotational steps are required, Phi Drive gives several options.

Depending on the specific needs, the corrective tables in the COR series or the 8-Drive, AG-HT and PHI-SS-MA positioners are the solution.

When it comes to PHI-SS-MA and AG-HT, one can also obtain additional degrees of freedom by connecting multiple actuators or increment the overall torque.

The article also mentions the presence of Phi Drive’s dedicated electronics to drive the actuators.