Laboratory for the Industry

Phi Drive has a modern and functional structure to conduct the necessary experimental campaigns for the product development. A series of high precisions equipment allows us to verify machining tolerances of mechanical components, characterize the vibrations of a system, study its loads, and measure the performances of a rotative motor in torque, speed and step.

Phi Drive real added value is the experience of our technicians. Reliability, diligence and knowledge are the keywords for a good experimental campaign, and our staff is engaged in a continues challenge to excel in these.

From the advanced mechanical measures, our lab is rapidly growing in the fields of pneumatics and fluid dynamics, where our sensitivity to the involved phenomena allows us to correctly drive the evolution of a system, from filters to valves, from fans to pipes. Our partnership with Comestero is a useful add on to our possibilities, expanding our range of services.

Our cutting edge instruments are at our customers’ disposal. We can offer:

  1. Metrological measurements with micrometric precision (Repeatability: 2 micron);
  2. Definition of the velocity and torque output of rotating drives (Full-scale: 10 Nm or 100 Nm);
  3. Check of the performances of electronics: glow wire test, dielectric test, tracking test;
  4. Modal analysis and vibration studies on small components (Accelerometer mass: 0.5g; Max. frequency: 20 kHz);
  5. Pneumatic measurements with pressure sensors with high dynamic (Full-scale: 20 bar; Max. frequency: 3 kHz);
  6.  Flow and pressure measures on fans, grids, filters and other small and medium scale fluid dynamic components.


  • Static and dynamic characterization
  • Load measures
  • Vibration study
  • Fluid dynamic analysis
  • Tolerance checking
  • Rotating systems characterization