Premio Dei PremiPhi Drive does not stop growing and achieving goals!

After five years as Innovative Start-Up, numerous awards and participation in the European innovation program H2020, Phi Drive becomes Innovative SME.

A result that allowed Phi Drive to appear inside the special TOP500 proposed by the magazine “Il cittadino di Monza e Brianza”.


Always attentive to the needs of the customer, Phi Drive was able in a few years to become a point of reference for all those companies that want to bring innovation inside their products.

“Our activitie with customers begins with research on state of the art: we start from there to identify solutions that can improve products” (Seghezzi S.)

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To do this Phi Drive has proposed in these years different ways:

Each of these activities requires knowledge and competence. Phi Drive has nothing to complain about. Foundend by the reseacher of the CNR, Dr. Nicola Lussorio Cau, can count on a young, dynamic and always close-knit group, able to get involved and respond to customer needs.

“We have, among other things, invented a kind of artificial intelligence for design optimization ”
(Seghezzi S.)

Phi Drive relies heavily on the design of products that do not yet exist on the market. Innovation is the keyword. And in order to do so, it is necessary to strengthen cooperations with companies with the aim of developing high technological products. Will and skills are not lacking.

“At this moment we are working with an automotive company in the presentation of a project within the program Industry 4.0” (Seghezzi S.)


The development of projects in Phi Drive is based on an approach of «building blocks», of which the FEM analysis represents only one step. Starting from the customer’s requests, the project specifications are defined.
It is possible to:cuscinetto albero

  • Analyze the state of the art;
  • Develop a new product;
  • Optimize an existing project;
  • Solve design problems;
  • Provide efficient and timely post-vending assistance. 

In this regard, Phi Drive considers it of fundamental importance to work side by side with the customer, with whom it interfaces periodically through project meetings.

Once the best development strategy has been defined in agreement with the customer, the design phase get to the heart. The performance of the conceived solutions are evaluated through the FEM analysis.

However this may not be enough to create a highly technological and innovative product. For this reason, Phi Drive has developed over the years «OptoPhi», an instrument that, in close interaction with the FEM analysis, is able to identify the best design solution among the many proposals.

An approach, the one proposed by Phi Drive, which immediately shows the strong interest in innovating. Because in addition to ideas it also need the right tools, a lot of passion and desire to get involved.

“We are looking for companies that are looking for things that do not exist on the market …. Who has an idea, can come to us”
(Seghezzi S.)

And you? Do you want to innovate?