The workshop on microactuators organized CNR-SPIN of Genoa is right around the corner.


The speakers list is now available, including our Dr. Buonanno, who will talk about the fundamental aspects of nano-positioning. Moreover, there will be technicians, engineers and researchers from Milan and Turin Polytechnics, CNR, and the most advanced Italian technology institutes. The international contribution of the University of Osaka is also important, since it has long collaborated with Genoa in the field of micro-technologies.


Academics, students, technicians and entrepreneurs are invited to the workshop. The topic of micro-assembly is very hot right now, and the range of related technologies is growing year by year. There are many Italian and foreign companies that are investing and building wealth on these applications, and the workshop is designed to share knowledge about the state of the art, and understand in which direction the technology is moving.


Get in touch with the organizers at to find out how to reach us.