Phi Drive made a significant step forward with the addition of GriPhi Driver to the 5E project website. GriPhi Driver is the driver designed by Phi Drive for the actuation of the GriPhi piezoelectric microgrippers.

5E project

The scope of the 5E project is the promotion of digitalization and federation of the so-called electronics ecosystems. The 5E project is funded by four European countries (France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands). A particular emphasis is put on the topics of nanoelectronics and innovation. Seven important European partners, specialized in innovation and services, take part in the 5E consortium:
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In addition to them, there are 25 Associated partners that provide further skills to the 5E consortium.

GriPhi Driver and 5E

The driver for the actuation of the GriPhi piezoelectric microgrippers was marked by 5E with the Nano-Electronics and Electronic Smart Systems tags. The proposed application fields are those related with handling of microcomponents. Among them, 5E includes aerospace, IoT and life science.