Phi Drive is one of the Suppliers of services and technologies SI4.0, authorized by the region of Lombardy to take part in Tender SI4.0 for the Development of innovative solutions for companies.

This tender encourages research in projects for experimenting, prototyping, and selling innovative solutions, applications, products and services by promoting green driven models of production development, and by favouring the development of digital solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic event.

This tender will end on June 30th, 2020.

The best companies invest in advanced technologies, but sometimes they do not completely exploit their value in the framework of their activities.

Design and Co-design

Phi Drive, which has a large know-how in the fields of FEM and CFD analyses and mechatronic systems, can provide you its technological and innovative consultation in the field of energetic efficiency and industrial systems.
GriPhi Driver Electronics
Thanks to the correct utilization of FEM analysis in project design, it is possible to improve processes and, consequently, their efficiency, to decrease costs, and to minimize wastes. Moreover, the innovative idea behind piezoelectric actuators gave birth to products which feature a low energy consumption, and a really “green” profile.

Thanks to this expertise, we propose as innovation partners for your company.

For additional information, contact us or visit the SI4.0 tender notice page.