Premio Dei PremiBringing research into the world of industry. This is what Phi Drive, Innovative SME of Comestero Sistemi group, has always set as a goal and thanks to which it has received awards and participation to H2020 European innovation project.

It has placed all his skills and knowledge into the field of FEM analysis and engineering optimization, quickly becoming a point of reference for the industrial automation.

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Phi Drive was able in a few years to bring innovation to many fields of industry: from aerospace to medical, passing through the metrology and industrial automation field.

“Phi Drive is specialized in the design and development of mechanisms that are at the center of many everyday objects, especially automatic machines, such as machine tools, robots, packaging machines, vending machines and so”
(Cau N. L.)


Phi Drive has made available its vast experience in:

“We study, we design and develop mechanisms using FEM techniques and making use of our own codes”
(Cau N. L.)


Among the types of FEM analysis proposed by Phi Drive, the structural analysis (static and dynamic) of kinematic mechanisms and mechanisms in general (bearings, recirculating ball screws, …), as well as the fluid dynamic analysis of aerodynamic or squat bodies stand out.

Innovate with the aim of developing highly technological products. In this regard, Phi Drive considers it of fundamental importance to work side by side with the customer, with whom it interfaces periodically through project meetings.

“To identify the most suitable interventions to satisfy the customer’s needs, before proceeding, we organize meetings with the same, to understand what must be perfected…”
(Cau N. L.)

Only after the definition of the best development strategies is it possible to continue with the subsequent design phase; the performances of the proposed solutions are evaluated through FEM analysis. However this may not be sufficient to create a highly technological and innovative product.


cuscinetto alberoThe entire design phase in Phi Drive is based on a “building blocks” approach, of which the FEM Analysis represents only one phase of the entire development process. One of the most important steps concerns the optimization of the obtained solutions.

For this reason over the years Phi Drive has developed  «OptoPhi», a tool of its own that, in close interaction with FEM analysis, is able to identify the best design solution among the many proposals.


“An element that distinguishes us is the use of our own optimization software. Optimization software is often valued at the academic level, but used only on “test cases” and not on real ones. Our software allows you to study real and complex machines…. and shows that even on well-designed and consolidated machines, performance can be improved by 10-20%”
(Cau N. L.)

Thanks to its skills and tools, Phi Drive has also integrated piezoelectric technology in its range of high precision linear and rotary positioners. An advanced flexure system, designed by FEM analysis, allows its products to reach a high level of precision with efficient layouts, high performance and cost-effective.

“We also develop special projects, such as small drives for automation industry where a high level of precision in positioning and execution of movements is required”
(Cau N. L.)

A reference point for those who want to innovate!