FEM analysis

Phi Drive is specialized in the execution of FEM analysis (Finite Elements Method), a numerical calculation method performed via computer which is used in many applications in several engineering fields. Thanks to the FEM analysis it is possible to optimize the design of machines, evaluate the structural behavior of components in known conditions and much more, often cutting operational time and prototipation costs.

Among the situations in which the FEM analysis can be applied, Phi Drive is specialized in:

  1. Structural analysis of gaskets;
    1. Computation of the contact pressure of flanges and junctions;
    2. Analysis of the elasto-plastic behavior of gaskets;
    3. Definition of the ideal geometry to meet specifications;
    4. Analysis at different temperatures.
  2. Structural analysis of springs of different types;
    1. Analysis of the features of linear, non-linear, and bistable springs;
    2. Optimization of force in springs to meet requirements;
    3. Development of special springs basing on the customer’s requirements.
  3. Structural analysis of mechanisms and automatic machines.
    1. Analysis of the structural behavior;
    2. Analysis of the dynamic behavior.