Phi Drive – Driving Technology

Phi Drive designs and produces high precision drives and positioning systems. Continuous research for cutting edge solutions and methods makes us leader in innovation in piezoelectric and pneumatic technologies.

Phi Drive’s technicians, researchers and engineers give design and consultancy support for the realization of high-precision customized solutions. Fields of interest include military, aerospace and automation.

who we are

Phi Drive is an Italy-based startup founded in 2013. Among its achievements, Phi Drive counts already with a number of patents and highly innovative products as rotating piezoelectric motors. The technical skills and creativity of Phi Drive have been awarded in 2013 with the “Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione” (National Award for Innovation) and the “Premio dei Premi” (Award of Awards). Winners of the European funding project Horizon 2020 for our satellite actuators designs, Phi Drive knowledge extends to the space sector, where extreme conditions offer infinite sparks for industrial innovation.



PhiDrive Activities

Rotary and linear high precision drives

Mechanical design and support

FEM and CFD analysis with OptoPhi

Project Management

A revolutionary system for precision motion

The innovative technology for linear and rotating drives, with piezo-electric, pneumatic and electric actuation. Winners of multiple awards, drives proposed by Phi Drive are based on our existing patents.

An E-Green soul given by a low energy consumption and the absence of lubricants together with high-precision positioning make our products suitable for use in countless fields of application. Our design methods make use of dimensioning techniques which allow to achieve the desired design specifications.

Job Done



CFD analysis on heat exchanger

Heat exchangers are devices widely used in the industrial and civil fields, from air conditioning to the chemical sector. Heat exchangers allow heat rejection from a hot fluid to a cold fluid without any mixing [...]

Leading edge tools for design and analysis

Phi Drive uses the most modern tools for mechanical and fluid dynamic design and analysis, such as Finite Element Model Analysis. FEM allows us to study the stationary and dynamic behavior of any object with a degree of precision that would have been inconceivable up to this decade in common industrial applications. This advanced computer simulation tool, backed by the skills and experience of our engineers and the optimization tools they developed, grants to  cut the duration of a project, multiplying its chances of success.

CFD ventola FEM
analisi FEM mandrino

Phi Drive offers consulting services even to those who are willing to understand the problematics of their own devices. FEM allows us to obtain information on loads, stresses and deformations of any component whenever producing experimental data proves to be impossible or expensive.